American Institute of Architects (AIA) is one of the prominent organizations located in the United States. The area that the firm has put its attention in are the matters of the architecture. The headoffice of the intuition is based in the city of Washington City. The mission that occupies the frontline of the organization is to deliver the quality education in the related field of architectures. There are various projects that American Institute of Architects has implemented in the community. All the necessary measures have been put in place by the management of the organization to let its operation flow smoothly. The step has allowed to the attainment of many objectives ever since the American Institute of Architects was founded. One of the significant moves that organization has set is the transformation of the level of professionalism of the new architectures in the field. The process was achieved through several programs of training to make them a perfect fit. Furthermore, the organization has earned itself an excellent image on the part of the public. The honor came after it collaborated with other building and contraction sectors to handle the challenges that are hampering the construction industry. The step has enhanced to the cohesion in the industry. Read more at to know more about AIA.

The present CEO of the American Institute of Architects is Robert Ivy He has excellent management skills and delegates all the duties to the junior staff in the organization. The dedication that he has to the responsibilities and commitment to apply the modern ways in the industry made him elected to serve in the post. He has longtime experience in the arena of management, and this places him in a better position of mitigating the arising challenges in the organization. There is also a smooth flow of communication between several departments. The boost of the step is through the excellent coordination of services and the perfect networking. The directions of the organization created an avenue to the many people in the field of architecture. It has also erected several schools of different parts of the United States to foster their mission.

The organization of American Institute of Architects was formed in 1857. The move came after the decision of the architectures with shared dreams of transforming the education in the field. They were initially 13 then the membership later extended to 16. Their idea materialized, and all members worked as a team by nurturing the small architectural talents.

Robert Ivy has played a significant role in the leadership of the American Institute of Architects.

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