Fabletics is a fitness and workout clothes retailer based in the US. It operates on an online subscription model. It has also opened physical stores. Its headquarters is in El Segundo, California. Fabletics was started by Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler, and Kate Hudson in 2013. The company began selling clothes to women solely. They opened a men’s line in conjunction with Oliver Hudson in 2015. Some of the locations where they have opened stores include Cincinnati, St. Louis, Las Vegas, Charlotte, and Colorado. The company has plans to open close to 100 stores in the next couple of years.


Customers take a survey to let the company know what outfits and workouts they like when they join as VIP Members. Outfits are then picked for a client at the start of each month depending on the preferences derived from the survey. VIP Members get the outfits for only $25 in the first month. The company has experienced exponential growth in the last couple of years. It has made a quarter of a billion dollars on sale since it was started. You can take the lifestyle quiz yourself to find out which Fabletics gear suits you the most.


One of the reasons why they have been successful is because of the reverse showrooming technique. The company uses online trends and habits to stock up their stores. Clients are able to get the items that are fashionable at that moment. Fabletics has used the stores to their advantage by ensuring that they complement the online experience. They also use the stores as an avenue for them to get to know their customers better by hosting events and interacting with them.


A certain client reviewed Fabletics a few years ago. She gave users an honest opinion on the products she received from the company. She said that the quality was good and the price was reasonable. The quality was higher than she expected. It was the same as that of other high-profile brands. She loved the fact that the leggings were thick. She did not have to worry about any see-through issues. She was also impressed with how the leggings held their shape and compression and did not fade quickly. The tops were very soft. They were made of high-quality fabric.


The client noted that Fabletics had a variety of styles that ranged from fun to bold. She said that Fabletics truly had something for everyone. One would not fail to find a style that they liked. She was happy with the value of the outfits. They were of excellent quality. She was impressed because the same outfits would cost relatively more at other stores even though the quality was the same. The fact that she could get a couple of items for less than $60 was one of the great things about Fabletics. She finished the blog post by recommending Fabletics because of the many perks that they offer. The deal is superb since customers can choose to skip a month if they wish.

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