Julia Jackson Shows That Hard Work Pays Off

Julia Jackson is a role model for many people in her generation. For one thing, she has been taught the value of hard work, and she believes in it. This is a huge refreshing change from people who believe they should gain twice the rewards for half of the work. Julia Jackson has shown that people who work hard are more likely to achieve something worthwhile than those who want to demand what they believe that they are worthy of. One thing that helps Julia Jackson is that she enjoys what she does and the company that she works for.

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Julia Jackson is joining her family in working for Jackson Family Wines. The company has brands throughout the world. Among the wineries that Jackson Family Wines has is Champ de Reves. One thing that can be said about the family is that they know a lot about how wine is made. For one thing, they have been involved in the process of making wine. Julia Jackson herself has worked on gathering the needed elements for wine in 100 degree weather. Julia Jackson has done this without complaint because she knew that it is hard work that is going to achieve something significant.

One of the best things about joining the family wine business is that Julia has always been interested in wine. Therefore, joining the family business is her way of getting involved in something that she loves. She is also going to love what she does which makes it more likely for her to put in a lot of hard work for her family business. She is going to add to the great reputation that her family business has as a winery. Jackson Family Wines is going to continue to experience growth in different markets and prosperity for years to come.

End Citizens United Delivers Message for Reform While Remaining on Track with Financial Goal

End Citizens United has continued to show politicians why the Political Action Committee’s (PAC) message is more than just a grass roots slogan for campaign finance reform.


The growing consensus among supporters who have donated to End Citizens United is that private contributions to all political campaigns have gone far beyond acceptable. Supporters are mounting their efforts in unquestionable forces to get behind the group to reform the political system. Many democratic leaders see the change as completely necessary and that the writing is on the wall for the change to occur. It’s just a matter of time.


There is a rising conversation taking place on Capitol Hill whereas all politicians are growing increasingly concerned about the effect, and power, End Citizens United has over their political future. End Citizens United has captured the voice of the voters in a way that gives power to champion their call-to-action for taking concrete action towards campaign finance reform.


End Citizens United has reached the level of awareness within the pubic that will provide the gravity for overturning the United States Supreme Court’s 2010 decision, which the PAC believes has put the political system at risk. End Citizens United wants to remove the perception to the public that “corporations are people” which the PAC considers the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision dangerously established.


While many supporters are completely on board with the reversal, there is a high bar for the group to reach in order to accomplish its mission. However, with the growing democratic support, and the 2018 election season fast-approaching, End Citizens United remains in the best possible position to declare victory. The action by End Citizens United is to remove any doubt of accountability and to bring complete transparency in order to reveal all contributions within the political process.


With an initial 325,000 signatures for the petition to begin its grass roots efforts, End Citizens United grew fast among the voters. In addition, the partnership with the group Ready Pac, formerly “Ready for Hillary”, has put the PAC in superb shape to pivot accordingly with an additional 4 million potential supporters.


Financially, End Citizens United has met all of its benchmarks for meeting the goal of $35 million which was projected as a reasonable target. Supporters of the PAC continue to contribute in a way that has not only reduced the need for excessive fund raising efforts, but also has given more assurances that the message is being met with resounding confidence among voters. With average donations pouring into the End Citizens United at $12 per member to reach $4 million, it’s clear that End Citizens United has built a following that will stand the test of time.


Jason Halpern’s Passion in Real Estate and Philanthropy

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur
Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jason Halpern is the proprietor of JMH Development, which is a leading real estate development enterprise. He has a lot of experience in the housing sector and has been serving his firm as a managing partner. Jason gained experience while working for his father’s enterprise, Halpern Development, before founding his company. Many members of his family are real estate developers, and they have established several commercial and residential properties that are based in Manhattan, New York, and Westchester County. His firm has been focused on creating state-of-the-art buildings by transforming old landmark structures in various cities.

Jason Halpern with Crunchbase Production
Jason Halpern with Crunchbase Production

JMH Development is focused on establishing buildings in major tourist towns in the United States. It has worked with various real estate giants in different regions to create modern structures. The properties that the firm develops are either leased out or sold to people. The company has always been determined to appreciate the communities that leave in the areas that it works and offers jobs to the locals.

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Thomas Juul Hansen and Jason Halpern
Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Thomas Juul Hansen and Jason Halpern

JMH Development has created an excellent reputation for the renowned real estates that it establishes. The houses that it has built include the luxurious Aloft South Beach hotel, which was created by reconstructing the Motel Ankara. The success of the project was facilitated by ADD, Inc., Plaza Construction, and Madden Real Estate Adventures, which also participated in the construction. The hotel is located close to Lake Pancoast and Collins Canal in Miami, and it comprises of more than 235 rooms. Another major property that the firm owns is the magnificent residential apartment that was established from an old warehouse, and it is based at 184 Kent Avenue. The residential property has 340 modern housing units. JMH Development also created nine top notch townhouses by refurbishing the Townhouses of Cobble Hill.

Jason’s Family
Jason’s Family

Jason has also been offering donations to assist in bettering healthcare in the community. He funds the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center, which is a highly trusted Level 1 Trauma Center. The facility has best doctors and machinery to perform different types of emergency heart surgeries. JMH Development has also donated to enable people in areas of Nepal and Egypt to acces clean water.


Mr. Borghi

José Henrique Borghi knows Brazilian, and even international, advertising like no one else as they say. He has been there and done that many a time, and he still fights his good fight while looking for new ways to increase ad revenue and promote the messages that matter. One of them, for instance, is women’s rights in Brazil. Women in Brazil are usually treated as inferior garbage and not given a fair say in many public matters, a true disgrace to human rights and freedom from persecution. Consider a similar situation in which Middle Eastern women are not allowed to speak out or disobey their husbands -which may lead in death – and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about, for it’s nearly the same in Brazil. Is there no justice or mercy anymore these days? and more information click here.


It’s a good thing there’s leaders like José Henrique Borghi to stir the people up and help them remember what really matters in this life all while presenting the message in a clear, crisp and easy to understand form as he usually does. He does not miss the mark when it comes to stirring people’s minds and hearts to action, and he no less landed a bullseye when he promoted his own March 2017 women’s rights ad campaign all throughout Brazil and even in some parts of the U.S. It was time someone stood up to the injustices of our day and spoke out on what really mattered, without the fear of persecution or oppression from media or government. His ad Agency was watched and highly regarded all around; it still continues to show in many places today and may be viewed on YouTube as well.


When something speaks, we must listen. When we listen, we must capture the message. We must then share it.

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Patty Rocklage; the psychotherapist with a giving heart

Struggles can be a teaching moment in life with the right people at your side; whether it is your friends and family or a certified specialist. Patty is one of that specialist who can guide someone through their struggles. She is what in medicine world might call a psychotherapist. Patty operates throughout the Boston metropolitan area.

Patty is nothing but warm and welcoming to make sure that her clientele feels at ease. This, in turn, makes it is easier to guide people into facing and overcoming their struggles. This guide and counselling are available to families, couples or just individuals who have some issues and they want to deal with.

She got her education at the University of Southern California in the year 1981 with a degree in Psychology. She started practicing, and now she has over 20 years of experience with a license to carry out her practice in Massachusetts.

Her practice is based on relationships issues such as divorce, having a child or adoption; there are family conflicts and women’s issues and life coaching and transitions. In her line of practice, she has built critical skills which have undoubtedly helped her case with her countless clients.

As a believer in the essential of the community, she has supported outreach community programs. She also believes in the connection of people in the most meaningful way. That way you can understand someone’s struggles and keep their confidential information confidential; this what makes Patty Rocklage such an accomplished psychotherapist.

She also has a giving heart. In 2016, Patty and her husband Dr. Scott Rocklage visited the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Chemistry Department. They decide to offer assistance with the cost of renovating Lester Wolfe Professor of Chemistry’s, Moungi Bawendi’s nanochemistry and nanotechnology lab space found in Building 2.

They were also honored by having a plaque of the Rocklages being set up. She also volunteers for the Sudanese Education Fund. It is a fund that assists South Sudanese living in Massachusetts to find a comforting and stable life there.

Patty has become a force for good in the Massachusetts community. This is because of her giving heart. She resides in Sudbury, Massachusetts with her husband.

The Trends That Lori Senecal Has Noticed for Attention Grabbing Campaigns

Lori Senecal as an advertiser has noticed a trend developing in the advertising industry. This trend is to get people involved in the advertisements. This is known as virtually. When people are urged to participate in the advertising, this can get them a little more involved in the promotion that is being done. This can also make them more likely to purchase the products that are being advertised as it depends on the company. After all, audiences need to be engaged when it comes to advertising. Getting them involved could help with the engagement as it can give rise to curiosity.

Another trend that Lori Senecal notices is a more unfiltered style of advertising. This is where advertisers use a documentary style in order to bring forth a reaction. Often times, these types of ads feature real topics and people which will bring about real emotion in people. According to Adweek, this is an effective way to get people on board with what is being promoted. This is especially a good way to bring attention to people. This can help change the perspective of advertising for people as well. Lori Senecal herself is willing to get on board with the trends and capitalize on it. Check out Adweek to know more.

Times are changing with advertising. The intrusive and even jarring spots of earlier eras are giving away to the more involved and engaging ads of today. Lori Senecal is taking advantage of this change with the campaigns that she creates for her clients. They are turning out to be effective for her clients which are one of the reasons that more of them are seeking out her company. They see that she can do a lot for her clients. Therefore, the company that she has taken over is getting a global overhaul. As a result, Lori is enjoying tons of rewards for her work.

See What There Is To Do In Napa Valley

There Is More Than Wine In Napa

Norcalnews.com did an article about how to visit Napa Valley. When individuals think of Napa Valley, they usually think about vineyards and wine. Napa Valley is the home of some of the best lands for growing grapes, and in turn, Napa Valley is the producer of award-winning wine. Apart from that, there is a lot more to see in Napa Valley than just the wine.

Enjoy The Olives

Napa Valley has fertile ground that is good for growing grapes and also for producing Mediterranean olives. These are unique olives that are of the highest quality, and these are olives that are used in the production of traditional Mediterranean olive oil. There are oil mills in Napa Valley that offer guided tours, and an individual can learn about the entire process of producing olive oil while tasting the different oils and spices that come from Mediterranean olives.

Get Cooking In Napa

Napa Valley also is home to The Silverado Cooking School. This is a school that is the home of the famous Chef Malcolm de Sieyes. The culinary class that is offered here allows individuals to indulge their taste buds and also to hone in on their cooking skills.

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Wine Tasting From Home

The article also talks about the Traveling Vineyard. Traveling Vineyard is a company that has an interesting concept. They want to be able to bring the wine tasting experience to individual homes. Traveling Vineyard is a company that was started in 2001, and since its inception it has grown to amazing heights.

There are individuals who feel intimidated by the entire wine tasting experience. These are people who may want to learn more about wine, but they may feel like they would prefer to do it all from the comforts of home. With Traveling Vineyard, an individual can invite over friends and family and they can all enjoy delicious wine while relaxing in a home setting. Traveling Vineyard is an amazing option for tourist in Napa Valley; it adds to some of the other amazing attractions that Napa has to offer.

Learn more about Traveling Vineyard: http://www.theworkathomewoman.com/business-wine-lovers/

How Does George Soros View The Political Landscape?

George Soros has done a very good job ensuring that the progressive movement in America is growing at an acceptable rate. He has done quite a lot of work as reported by Politico, and he is ensuring that the American progressive movement is safe from losses to the conservative movement. There are many people who follow George’s career, and this article explains how he is funding a comeback for progressivism.

#1: How Are His Donors?

George met with progressive donors in Washington because he wanted to have as many partners in his newest projects as possible. He knew that it would be quite helpful to ensure that he had new donors, and he was certain that he could garner many donations to the cause. Someone who wanted to join was there, and George is collaborating on many new PACs that will fight conservative politicians.

#2: The Targets

George is targeting people such as Joe Arpaio in Arizona. This is an activist Sheriff who has not treated people in good faith in the past, and George wants his donors to give to a PAC that will hope to stop his reelection. A man such as this is only one of many targets, and the many people who donate to the cause are helping to canvas for votes against him in the future.

Learn more: http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/individualProfile.asp?indid=977

#3: His Views On The Economy

There are many people such as George who give their views on the economy, and George has been forthright about what he feels the future of the economy is. He does not want to see things go back to the state they were in in 2008, and he knows that there are many people who are concerned about the refugee crisis in Europe of the problems of travel bans in America.

#4: Supporting More Liberal Politicians

There are many liberal politicians who will be supported by George in the future. He gave quite a lot of money to the Clinton campaign in 2016, and he will continue to give to things such as this in the future. Someone who wishes to be elected to office may ask George for help, and he may have a PAC that is funded by one of his many donors. George Soros is a progressive leader, and he wants to remain on the forefront of this movement.

There are many people who are counting on George Soros to ensure that they may be elected to office in the future, and they may ask him for advice that will speak to anyone who needs progressivism in their lives. George is a holocaust survivor who knows what it means to become too reactionary, and he will fight such conservative policies in the future. Learn more about his profile at businessinsider.com

Advocating Civil, Human and Migrant Rights: the Frontera Fund Way

Many firms have been set up and dedicated to advocating for civil, human and migrant rights. To begin with, The Advocates for Human Rights have for more than thirty years changed the lives of refugees and immigrant women, children and other marginalized communities. It was formed in 1983. They train and assist groups that protect human rights, investigate and expose violations of human rights, represent refugees and immigrants seeking asylum and push for legal reforms.

American Friends Service Committee is another firm in this category. It was founded in 1917 and helps to promote peace and justice as a practical expression of faith in action. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Based on their working with people of different backgrounds and continuing spiritual insights, they nature to change and respect for human life that transforms social relations and systems. They work with communities around the world to foster diversity, equality, and inclusion.

The American Immigration Council is a firm that helps immigrants by promoting laws, policies and attitudes affecting them. Through the international exchange, research, litigation, and policy analysis, they seek to shape the twenty-first century of American immigrant experience.

They work to achieve fairness and justice under the law by using courts to demand fair judicial process for immigrants and standing for their rights. They also educate the public on the enduring and important contributions immigrants bring to America. Their research and analysis help them to develop rational and fair immigration policies.

The American Immigration Lawyers Association is made up of more than 15,000 attorneys and law professors who teach and practice immigration laws in America. They represent American families that seek permanent residence for close family members and American businesses that seek talents from the world market. Learn more about Jim Larkin: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/michael-lacey/

They also represent, on a pro bono basis, foreign athletes, entertainers, asylum seekers, and students. Their thirty-nine chapters and over fifty committees are a medium through which they provide continuing legal information, education, expertise and professional services.

The Reddy Law Firm advocates for civil rights. It advocates for the rights of the minorities and other individuals who are underrepresented in the society. Their specialization is in retaliation, sexual harassment, employment discrimination, labor issues, false arrest, police brutality, and other civil rights and general litigation matters. Their services are accessible throughout the New York state.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are journalists and founders of Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund. Their firm is aimed at supporting groups that advocate for human, civil and migrant rights and also civic participation and freedom of speech throughout Arizona including the Mexican border.

It was founded due to the 3.75 million dollars that the two received as settlement money following their previous false arrest in Maricopa County.

Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund has supported quite many organizations which include; The Young Centre, Samaritans, Trans Queer Pueblo, sySTEM Phoenix – College X Trips among others.

It serves migrant workers, people of color and those who have been mistreated by the government. Jim and Mike use their fund and skills to protect the people who are afraid despite being deprived their rights and freedoms.


Kim Dao Shares Clips on Her Last Week in Japan

Kim Dao wanted to spend her last week in Japan getting together with some friends, and she didn’t want to film. Kim Dao showed us some random clips from her stay in Japan. In the first clip, Kim Dao did not have time for breakfast and purchased some iced coffee in a can from a vending machine. Many of the random videos included animals, food, nature, and shopping. Learn more: http://www.kimdaoblog.com/


Some of my favorite random videos was when Kim Dao went to see a hedge hog and would stroke his back with her index finger. She also likes nature, and Kim Dao filmed a swan ride taking place on the lake. Learn more: https://www.depop.com/kimdaoblog


Kim Dao loves going shopping, especially for cosmetics. She says that usually she will browse in Japan so that she knows what to look for in Korea. Cosmetics in Japan are more expensive than cosmetics in Korea. She could not resist getting a Pokemon brand eyeliner and cushion. Kim Dao bought some vacuum sealed bags. She says that in regular bags, there is trapped air that is not there with vacuum sealed bags. She can put her clothes into these special bags and, therefore, fit more clothes into her suitcase. Learn more: http://www.kimdaoblog.com/search/label/makeup


Kim Dao showed a lot of random videos about eating out, including the many salads she ate. One video showed her eating pancakes for dinner .Kim likes dessert as well. She had a sunddae in an ice cream dish with two scoops of ice cream, fudge sauce, and slices of banana.