Jeremy Goldstein Explains Knock-Out Options – Why Should Employers Offer Stock Options?

Jeremy Goldstein runs his own law firm in New York called Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. His law firm consists of experts in business law who assist companies, CEOs, and private clients on sensitive situations and other issues. Goldstein is considered an expert in the field of mergers & acquisitions.


Goldstein serves for the American Bar Association as the chair of their Mergers & Acquisition Subcommittee. His expertise in M&A(Mergers & Acquisitions) has led him to working with several of the biggest M&A deals in recent memory. Goldstein is partially or entirely responsible for the merger of several of the biggest companies in the world. Goldstein has worked with companies such as Verizon, ALLTEL, Goldman Sachs and The Dow Chemical Company.


Goldstein also enjoys sharing his thoughts on a variety of subjects in the form of informative articles. Recently he shared some great advice with company leaders concerning stock options.


Goldstein explained that he is shocked by employer’s decision to end the offering of stock options to employees. Goldstein goes on to explain a new method of stock offerings that offer far more advantages than traditional stock options. This method is called knock-out options.


There are several disadvantages to keep in mind before you offer stock options though. You must be confident of your company’s growth potential. If your company isn’t doing great, then your employees may become less motivated; if your company is continuously growing, then your employees may experience a growth in morale and begin to work harder.


Sometimes employees simply don’t trust stock options as a payment method. Employees know what a recession can do to the stock market, sometimes over night. It may be a hard sale to convince employees to accept stock options instead of cold, hard cash.


Knock-out options can eliminate much of the worry on the employee side though. A knock-out option is a stock that is capped at a certain level. This type of stock may provide limited growth but it also provides a clear exit strategy for employees. Employees know that once the price of a stock hits a certain price it is time to sell. Knock-out options can also work to eliminate the necessity of personal stock advisers, which would be hired out of pocket by employees. Sometimes these advisers charge more than the profit you’ll make on stocks.


Knock-out stock options are a great way to offer stock options to employees. This is an option for employers that wish to offer alternative compensation methods without worrying or confusing their workers. Learn more:

Lori Senecal Is Successful In Nearly Everything She Touches

Crispin Porter & Bogusky CEO, Lori Senecal has been successful from a very young age. The level of success comes from her siblings being successful and this led to her having a level of motivation which helped her to reach a level of success that she is at now. While looking back and analyzing her success, Lori can finally say that all her dreams have actually come true.


Lori Senecal went to school to earn her degree in marketing and sales. Right after she graduated, Lori went on to join in the workforce and from there on out, everything that Lori had touched turned to success. Upon joining many successful, leading companies, she has helped those same businesses become a level of success that they have never seen. It was her dedication to making sure to bring out the very best of the people who work for them and have helped those employers to make successful leaders out of those who work for them.


During 2003, Lori had used her own innovating skills to launch and conceive TAG Idealation. This young, adult unit aimed at marketing has helped her to become rich in knowledge of account expertise. According to Fast Company, she used her experience with data analytics to work for a number of the largest popular brands like Staples, Xbox and even Weight Watchers. She has also served for the Coca Cola’s global accountant as operating director. From October 2005 to 2008, Lori was in charge of DDB Worldwide Communications Group where she was serving as the chief marketing officer.


Being promoted to the head of sales and marketing division, Lori Senecal played a key role for the realization of the TAG Ideation. She then went on to serve as the director and even chief executive officer for MDC Partners. In March 2015, Lori was appointed the worldwide chief executive officer with the Crispin Porter and Bogusky Corporation, and shared her experiences at the 3% Conference. In April of 2015, Lori was then appointed as the director for the advertising council. For someone who has reached success, she has achieved so much in the amount of time that she has been in the work force.

Fortress Investment Group: Wes Edens

Wes Edens is best known for his role in the American economy. He helped to found the first publicly traded private equity investment firm. This investment firm is known as Fortress Investment Group. He also owns several sports teams. One of the sports teams that he owns is based out of Milwaukee Wisconsin. The sports team is known as the Milwaukee Bucks. Milwaukee Bucks are a member of the national battle Association. Another sports team that he owns is part of the electronic sports league. This sports team plays a video game that is known as league of legends. The sports team that plays the legends that Wes Edens owns is known as FlyQuest.

Wes Edens began his career in the finance industry by first attending Oregon State University. He graduated from Oregon State University in 1984 with degrees in finance and business administration. After receiving his formal education, he began to work in the finance industry by becoming a member of Lehman Brothers. Lehman Brothers is a well-known investment firm in North America. At Lehman Brothers, he was a managing director and partner for the investment firm. He worked there for several years and eventually switch career tracks and became a member of Blackrock asset investors. At this company, he gained significant experience in the finance industry, and after several years he decided that it was time for him to launch his own company. In 1997 he left Blackrock asset investors and began searching out help in order to launch his own company.

In 1998 with the help of four other individuals, Wes Edens launched Fortress Investment Group. The company experienced significant success during its formative years. It was able to increase its asset holdings by around 40% in a span of only seven years. During the spring of 2007, Fortress Investment Group became the first private equity investment firm in the North American continent be to be publicly traded by holding its initial public offering which was underwritten by Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sachs on the New York Stock Exchange. After this initial public offering, the company had managed to sell 8% of its shares to the public for a total of around $600 million. The Corporation continued to be successful, and in 2017 Japanese technology company Softbank group Corporation acquired Fortress Investment Group for a premium of $2.25 per share. This premium led to an immediate increase in valuation of the company by $140 million.

Avaaz A Champion For Human Rights Worldwide

From its conception five years ago, Avaaz has grown into the world’s largest powerful online activist network. In 2007 Avaaz extended its reach into many Middle Eastern, Asian and European dialects. The organization’s mission is to bring people from all different backgrounds and society to bridge the gap between the globes. They offer what majority of people everywhere would like to have, and that is to live in a democratic country. Avaaz intends to give the answer to their dilemma and their dreams.Since the creation of Avaaz, they have empowered millions of people from different backgrounds, and different countries to take the necessary action needed on pressing national issues, regional issues, and global issues. Avaaz encourages people to get involved with issues such as poverty, conflict, climate change and corruption.

Using the internet, Avaaz organization allows thousands of people to come together to quickly combine their efforts into an influential force.Avaaz has thousands of people who volunteer their efforts and time that spans six continents and 15 languages. Their endeavors include funding media campaigns, emailing, lobbying governments, signing petitions, direct actions, offline organizing, events, and protest. Due to the efforts of Avaaz, people worldwide will have a voice in everything that affects them, including their values and views.Because of technological advancements, Avaaz can accomplish far more in their efforts to take on the issues that are important to them, and those whose rights they are fighting to protect. The team of Avaaz works with is worldwide. They work on issues that concern the public. The campaigns are focused, flexible, exceptionally agile and scale.

Their community online act like a bullhorn to draw attention to new topics. Their campaigns are well targeted, and where there is an imminent danger, they go in and bring about responses that are effective. Such emergencies can be issues like stem cells, that thrive in any form of advocacy, or work that meets a need that is urgent.Avaaz does not accept money from corporations or the government. Their funding comes from the members. This type of funding allows them to act independently. They are held accountable for the funds that are given to them. Because Avaaz does not accept money from government or organizations, this allows them to support their causes without being dictated to.Avaaz is an ethical company and can be trusted to do what is right. Their staff does a marvelous job at getting attention to the causes they support.