Fast Company Article about EOS Lip Balm

EOS is a company that sells lip balm in places all over the world. According to EOS started selling the lip balms about 7 years ago. At first, they went to Walgreens to distribute their product who fell in love with the lip balm. After that, it started popping up everywhere and it was flying off the shelves. EOS lip balm has become a million dollar industry in just a short amount of time compared to their competitors. They currently sell 1 million dollars worth of lip balm every week.

When EOS first started to think about their concept of how to win against competitors, they thought about a variety of things. They thought to invent something that was fun to use and something that would get women to want to keep using the product. They knew that people liked lip balm that came in round, little tubs but that they didn’t feel comfortable using their finger to put lip balm on their lips. After they thought about this, they came up with a sphere lip balm made with all natural ingredients. They thought that a sphere lip balm ( would be unique since one hadn’t been created. They also thought that natural ingredients would keep customers coming back.

When they first started working on EOS lip balm, they knew that they needed to come up with something that would include all 5 senses. From the scent, to the flavor, to the design and the clicking sound, they knew that this would appeal customers.

EOS lip balm is much different from other lip balms on eBay. EOS lip balm makes you want to use it because it is fun since it includes heightening all of your 5 senses. EOS wanted to create something that was unique and they have done just that. They have surpassed all of their competitors that sell other lip balms.

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