Peter Briger Businessman and Philanthropist

Offices at Fortress

Peter Briger joined Fortress in 2002 and is the present President of Fortress Credit Corporation. He serves the Credit and Real Estate Sector at Fortress; since 2009, he has been the Co-Chairman of the Board.

Early Education

Peter Briger received his M.B.A. from Wharton Business School. Peter Briger also attended Princeton University, where he received a B.A.

Memberships, Director, Board Advisory Position

Advisory Board Member of Spearhead, LLC.

Board Member of Caliber Schools.

Princeton University Investment Company, Director.

Hospital for Special Surgery, Board Member.

Goldman Sachs

Peter Briger was employed by Goldman Sachs from

Mr. Briger spent 15 years at Goldman Sachs & Co., where he became a Partner in 1996.

Career Highlights Glodman Sachs

Over the course of his career at Goldman Sachs

Co-Head: Trading Business and Loan Sales, of the Investments Group Fixed Income,

Asian Real Estate, and Asian Distressed Debt. Lastly, Peter Briger serves Linktone on their Advisory Board.

Forbes List of Billionaires:

  • 2007- #407
  • 2008- #962

Philanthropic Works

  • Central Park Conservatory
  • Caliber Schools-network of charter schools in Richmond, CA.
  • Tipping Point-non-profit in fighting poverty in San Francisco area.
  • Entrpreneur Support Program- Princeton his Alma Mater


At Princeton he provides a seed fund to encourage and support recent entrepreneurs form the program with a matching seed fund of upto $100K. Briger has also served on the Board of Directors of Princeton University investment Company. His works with the Caliber free charter schools is his statement of the importance of the chartered school system. With well over two decades in the finacial services world and served in prominenet positions at many of the most successful companies today, he enjoys serving to help the restore the community where he lives thru his philanthropic efforts. How Wall Street got into the wild business of Bitcoin


Southridge Capital Continues to Traverse the Finance Sector

Southridge Capital is one of the recognized financial companies that provide wide range financial solutions to hundreds of clients every single day. Based in Connecticut, the company’s clientele is largely based in the United States with key clients being public and private companies. Southridge Capital has invested over $1.8 billion since 1996 in order to achieve its objectives and plans.


Provision of innovative financial solutions


Currently, Southridge offers several services including financial analysis, balance sheet optimization, restructuring analysis, bankruptcy advice, merger and acquisition, and legal settlement services. These services have enabled its clients to be able to engage in business deals as well as negotiations that have low risks. The company recently introduced securitization, financing, and credit-enhancing solutions with the aim of encouraging its clients to take advantage of financial opportunities that present themselves. As such, Southridge Capital offers clients its assets through monetization and collaborates directly with creditors to minimize any stock debts while increasing their creditworthiness. Other services that the company offers include Equity Purchase Agreement, debt elimination towards common stocks, convertible debentures, and convertible preferred stocks.


According to Newswire, the innovative financial solutions have been steered by Southridge Capital’s management team which is composed of 5 executive members. These include the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the company, Stephen Hicks, CFO and Controller, NarinePersuad, the CFA and CPA, Laurence Ditkoff, the COO and General Counsel, Henry Sargent, and the portfolio management team member, Linda Carlsen. This competitive team has ensured that the company provides quality services that improve its relationship with the clientele while also improving its annual revenue. Check out to know more.




Supporting social welfare


Southridge Capital has been involved in several charity donations through its collaboration with Daystar Foundation. Together, the two organizations have managed to support different institutions through financial aid. Some of the beneficiaries of the social welfare partnership include Walnut Community Hill Church, The Bridgeport Rescue Mission, Eric B. Huss Memorial Scholarship Fund, Lounsbury House, and The Ridgefield Visiting Nurses Association. Through these services, Southridge Capital has continued to fulfill its CSR role thereby impacting the global population.



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Avaaz A Champion For Human Rights Worldwide

From its conception five years ago, Avaaz has grown into the world’s largest powerful online activist network. In 2007 Avaaz extended its reach into many Middle Eastern, Asian and European dialects. The organization’s mission is to bring people from all different backgrounds and society to bridge the gap between the globes. They offer what majority of people everywhere would like to have, and that is to live in a democratic country. Avaaz intends to give the answer to their dilemma and their dreams.Since the creation of Avaaz, they have empowered millions of people from different backgrounds, and different countries to take the necessary action needed on pressing national issues, regional issues, and global issues. Avaaz encourages people to get involved with issues such as poverty, conflict, climate change and corruption.

Using the internet, Avaaz organization allows thousands of people to come together to quickly combine their efforts into an influential force.Avaaz has thousands of people who volunteer their efforts and time that spans six continents and 15 languages. Their endeavors include funding media campaigns, emailing, lobbying governments, signing petitions, direct actions, offline organizing, events, and protest. Due to the efforts of Avaaz, people worldwide will have a voice in everything that affects them, including their values and views.Because of technological advancements, Avaaz can accomplish far more in their efforts to take on the issues that are important to them, and those whose rights they are fighting to protect. The team of Avaaz works with is worldwide. They work on issues that concern the public. The campaigns are focused, flexible, exceptionally agile and scale.

Their community online act like a bullhorn to draw attention to new topics. Their campaigns are well targeted, and where there is an imminent danger, they go in and bring about responses that are effective. Such emergencies can be issues like stem cells, that thrive in any form of advocacy, or work that meets a need that is urgent.Avaaz does not accept money from corporations or the government. Their funding comes from the members. This type of funding allows them to act independently. They are held accountable for the funds that are given to them. Because Avaaz does not accept money from government or organizations, this allows them to support their causes without being dictated to.Avaaz is an ethical company and can be trusted to do what is right. Their staff does a marvelous job at getting attention to the causes they support.

Tony Petrello and his Company Donate Funds for Hurricane Harvey Victims

The oil and gas department has always been famed to be very profitable since time memorial. Some of the wealthiest personalities are working for this department. These individuals play a very critical role in the economy of a country. Nabors Industries is one of the companies that have served in the oil department for a while. The institution has managed to supply oil and gas products to consumers living in the United States and other parts of the world. Getting recognition in this market is not an easy task. Nabors Industries has been able to impress consumers because of the people working in its top positions. The company chief executive officer is one of the most important personalities who are working hard to win the hearts of the customers.

Tony Petrello is the force that has been bringing positive changes in the large company.Although Tony Petrello has done a lot for the American economy while working as the president of Nabors Industries, he has remained one of the unpopular people in the American households. His presence and success in the corporate world has been speaking volumes about his character. Getting to this height is a complicated affair. Tony Petrello has been a great force for the large company. His generosity and hard work have been some of his distinguishing features. Meeting the demands of the customers is one of the things that make him work hard.

When most of the companies in Texas have only been concentrating on making money and transforming the lives of the customers who frequent the facilities to purchase products, Nabors Industries has better plans. The company leader is one of the authoritative philanthropists in United States, and he has transferred this giving nature to the people working in his company. Although most companies concentrate on profit making activities, Nabors Industries and its leadership have done a lot to help the local communities. This was clearly indicated when Hurricane Harvey hit the country. Several company employees were affected by the disaster, and this forced many individuals to miss work. To make the lives of the employees and other victims of the natural disaster, the company has decided to donate funds so that the families can get accommodation and food items.

Market America’s new chapter

Market America has been the leading online shopping site for years. They have successfully served their clients across the globe allowing them to access their favourite products despite not being in close proximity to the physical shop. They use the UnFranchise® business model to conduct their business. This has enabled them to see several entrepreneurs grow through their one-to-one marketing approach, their universal shopping cart and their referral tacking system. This has helped them provide services that are customer oriented.
Apart from selling things to their customers, they also reward their customers for moving the products they shop for frequently to This is made possible by the cutting edge technology they use to analyse what the consumer buys frequently and on transferring that item to, they get rewarded. During the Market America|SHOP.COM International Convention and 25th Anniversary Celebration that happened in August 2017, they explained how this rewards work and several exciting features they had lined up for their clients.
They also decided to expand their territory. They acquired, an online comparison shopping engine provider. Though they will continue operating separately for now, with still serving its customers in their facilities in Monterey, Pasadena, CA and London, soon they will be combined in to one entity. How the merge will come about is not revealed to us yet neither is its new name.
Considering Market America’s success in the past, its acquisition of made many heads to turn. Investors such as bill gates,, yahoo and Oak investment chose to get on board after getting wind of the purchase and the projections of what the owners wanted to do next. If their projections for the coming years were just ideas they knew would work, backing from these major players in the market will definitely get them to their destination.
Though the suspense is suffocating, we can only wait and see what the new entity Market America and will become, what it will look like and most importantly in what ways it will be better. But even as we wait, one thing is sure; it will be mind blowing.

Ronald Fowlkes: Gulf War Veteran Continuing His Service In His St. Louis, Missouri, Community

Knowing Ronald Fowlkes is a journey into the life of an all-round American man, dad, and hero who has dedicated his life to the service of his community and country. What makes him quintessence of patriotism and a real stand up man? The answers can be found in a rich background of continually putting himself forward to do what is right for family, community, and country. And making sure his ideals and principles never waver from what is expected of a true American.


Service in the US Armed Forces


For 4 years between 1989 and 1993, Ronald Fowlkes served with distinction in the United States Marine Corps. As a marine, he was part of the first Gulf War that successfully ended the illegal occupation of Kuwait by Iraqi forces. For his bravery in combat, he was promoted twice.


During his stint in the Marine Corps, he attended several training courses all geared towards making him a specialist in combat and security issues. Some of the courses and training he attended include:


  • Marine Combat Training at the elite Marine Corps School of Infantry



  • Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company (ANGLICO) Basic Course


  • The United States Army parachute Schools


  • Advanced Navy-Marine Corps Parachute Insignia


  • Naval Special Warfare Foundation (NSWF) Combat Diver School


It is noteworthy that while with 1st ANGLICO, he took part in several parachute operations with a small unit. The team was mandated to carry out reconnaissance, naval and air gunfire missions.


Various types of encrypted and non-encrypted radios were used as necessary operational tools. As a result of these missions, Fowlkes has become an expert in the use of the highly advanced Modular Universal Laser Equipment (MULE), used as a target locator and guide for laser-guided missiles.


The training and expertise he acquired while in the US Marine Corps served him well as an employee of the Department of Defense Contractor. He was mandated to work with the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organizations (JIEDDO) in Iraq with the US Army. His duties here were as extensive as they were important to the success of the tasks.


  • These duties included, but were not limited to:


  • Instructing the US Military personnel in tactical operations


  • Close quarter battles (CQB) and hostage rescue training



  • Detailed debriefing and interrogation of captured individuals


  • Carrying out mounted/dismounted operations in combat zones


Career in law enforcement


Ronald Fowlkes has an enviable career in law enforcement spanning a period of 13 years. For ten of the 13 years, he worked with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department spending the last 7 years in the department’s Hostage Rescue Team (HRT). He was later promoted head of his own unit and became an expert instructor in:

Agora Financial, Legit Publishing Company!

With many Americans trying to figure out how to obtain wealth, there has been tons of researching going on. Many people have already found out that financial brokers are not the answer to obtaining wealth, and if you haven’t here’s the reason why. Brokers are most of the time only interested in ways that they can earn a profit from giving you information. In addition, financial brokers only provide customers with financial information that everyone already knows about. This is not helpful because if most people already know about the investment, then you as the investor won’t earn much of an income from the information that they’re providing.

Many people have heard of Agora financial; however, people have been curious as if to Agora Financial is a legit financial company. The answer to that is yes! Agora has been around for several decades now. The founder of the company is Bill Bonner. Agora Financial is betting than choosing a financial broker because they don’t charge you every time you receive information from them. Agora Financial is very affordable and even gives free financial information to their readers. Agora Financial is a well trusted company and they already have tons of customers on their side who them have helped to obtain wealth for.

With Agora Financial, obtaining wealth is as easy as reading financial information. Agora Financial sens a variety of reading materials to customers each day, week, or month, which ever plan that you choose to choose from them. Agora Financial has helped many people gain the income and courage to have a healthy retirement fund. Agora Financial’s advice has also helped their readers be able to even quit their jobs! Agora Financial is dedicated to helping their readers succeed when it comes to wealth. They have the tools needed to help tons of financial freedoms be gained. Becoming an Agora financial reader is as simple as going on to the website and registering with them. If you are serious about finding wealth without having to do much, then Agora Financial is defiantly your answer.

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Thrilling Experience in Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping

Roberto Santiago was born and raised in Joao Pessoa. Contrary to his current outstanding social status, Roberto had to work very hard to get here. At a very tender age, he was forced to work in a company that specialized in cartons. Roberto was not an ordinary employee as he strived to add value in his work.


While at this firm, he was focused on designing card boxes, a role that required him to be a critical thinker and quite precise. He would later move from manufacturing of cartons to real estate industry where he embarked on property development. It was this last career move in real estate that would see him become the man he is today.


Prior to starting his career, Roberto went through schooling where he excelled. After completing his college studies in Pio X- Marist, he enrolled for a bachelors degree in Business Administration in University Centre of Joao Pessoa. At this point, he sharpened his managerial skills which would be very pivotal in his future career path of property development.


Indeed, this was put in practice when he purchased a very strategic piece of land in 1987. Within two years, Roberto had come up with a well-thought idea on developing the property; a shopping mall! By 1989 therefore, Manaira Shopping Mall was set-up, making it one of the most magnificent malls in the entire of Brazil!


The mall has been built with the current state of art, making it the center for all family needs; may it entertainment, dining, banking services, physical fitness or general household shopping. The mall is designed to offer you a one-stop shop and also a variety in your selection. This way, you are assured of getting the very best qualities from different sources, and all under one roof!


For instance, you can make a stop with your family for some quality and affordable furniture. On your way out, you can pass by the Sports gear shop and pick something to spice up your fitness program. You will come across several book stores where you can pause for your best writer’s latest edition.


You will find several clothing stores offering different lines of wears, all branded and of high quality. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to jewelry and cosmetics. You can also check on your school work at the College of Higher Education of Paraiba which is situated within the Manaira shopping mall.


At the end of it all, you can as well treat yourself to a sumptuous meal before relaxing to a nice movie in the well-built and furnished theatre. In other words, while in Roberto Santiago Manaira shopping Mall, you will be spoilt for choices in the things that can engage you all day long!


Paul Mampilly Meeting the Needs of Underserved Investors

Profits Unlimited Newsletter is only a year old but has over 90,000 subscribers. The newsletter is among the fastest growing publications in the financial sector. The newsletter is written by Paul Mampilly and owned by the Banyan Hill Publishing. This is a clear indication that Mampilly’s columns on purchase recommendations have been helpful to investors.

According to Mampilly, his readers are Americans searching for quality and reliable investment advice from modern sources and not in the old-fashioned financial periodicals. His readers are looking for opportunities where they can invest, fill their retirement accounts and live better lives. Mampilly and Banyan Publishers have been able to attract more readers by satisfying the needs of investors who have been ignored in the past, and more information click here.

Profits Unlimited Newsletter has continued attracting many people even as other newsletters face decreasing subscriptions. The Editor in Chief, Paul Mampilly who is also an investor and a financial expert has responded to the demands of many readers. In his publications, he provides proper financial advice that even the middle investors can venture into. Profits Unlimited is often marketed to average investors and business newbies in the United States. Mampilly is looking forward to increasing the number of subscribers by writing about biotech stocks and small companies that require less capital but have the potential for growth.

<blockquoteclass=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”>

I don’t believe in trailing stops. Here’s why . . . #fraud #manipulation #stocks #WallStreet #WallSt #banyanhill

— Paul Mampilly(@Paul_M_Guru) October 5, 2017

Mr. Mampilly recommends affordable stocks and companies on his purchase list in the newsletters. He also indicates the maximum and minimum amounts of money his readers should use in such ventures. The recommendations are reliable given his wealth of experience in the financial industry. He was a Wall Street expert with more than 25 years’ experience in investments.

Paul Mampilly was born in India. India’s financial crisis that forced it to borrow money from its citizens living in foreign countries inspired him to make investments. Mampilly moved to the United States when he turned 18 years. He attended Montclair State University and attained a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Accounting. After a few years, he graduated with an MBA from the Fordham University Gabelli School of Business. He also attended colleges in New York and studied economics and financial engineering, and Paul’s lacrosse camp.

He started his career in 1992 at Bankers Trust. He then became an executive officer at ING, Deutsche Bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland. Mr. Mampilly likes investment opportunities that require quick moves like the Internet of Things and Bitcoin. He is a voracious reader with more than 1000 books in his personal library, and

Freedom Debt Relief

The news of the Equifax security breach is beginning to sink in for more than 143 million Americans who had their personal information accessed by hackers. The first question is obviously, “What can I do to protect myself from further damage?” Log onto Equifax’s website and find out if you were affected by the breach. If you were, register for your free credit protection. This will provide you with information on how to ensure no one fraudulently applies for credit cards in your name or uses your account information to make transactions. Pay close attention to your bank statements and credit reports for any suspicious activity, and contact your bank or creditor if you feel someone is trying to utilize your information without your knowledge and more information click here.

Freedom Debt Relief is the nation’s leader in debt relief programs. Since their founding in 2002, their consultants have helped to negotiate more than seven billion dollars in debt solutions for their clients. Thousands of people every month take advantage of their free debt evaluations and work with their experts specializing in multiple avenues of debt relief. As a founding member of the American Fair Credit Council, their focus is on customer care and support by providing information and transparency and

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