Rodrigo Terpins: The Legendary Driver Entrepreneur And Environmentalist

Rodrigo Terpins is one of the most sought-after rally drivers in Brazil and beyond. At the age of 41, Rodrigo has taken part in numerous car races and is an esteemed member of the Bull Sertoes team. He has particularly made his name in the Sertoes rally, believed to be one of the most challenging circuits In Brazil, by taking part in most races and maintaining a leader’s position.


More than passion and dedication, Rodrigo appreciates the fact that rally racing requires good teamwork. This may be seen as the key factor influencing his decision to join the Bulls Sertoes team of rally drivers. In the most recent competitive series of the Bull Sertoes circuit rally, Terpins, the T1 prototype category driver, and his partner made it across the finish line in approximately 2 hours during the first leg, earning them a comfortable eighth place. You can visit


Balancing between sports and entrepreneurship


Rodrigo Terpins comes from a family whose roots run deep in sports. His father, Jack Terpins, for instance, is a former professional player and still and an influential figure in the world of sports and in the country. His brother, Michael Terpins, on the other hand, is also a rally driver as well as a member of the Bull Sertoes team. But Rodrigo doesn’t just excel in sports given that when he is not racing the circuit tracks, he is busy honing his entrepreneurial skills with his newest and businesses venture, Floresvale.


More about Rodrigo Terpins


In setting up the new venture, which specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of tree products, Rodrigo Terpins seeks to bridge the gap between environmental conservation and tree products business. He, therefore, went the certified wood strategy where his company will only use trees grown in private farms. His farm is cognizant of the fact that most consumers have grown conscious of the tree products and are looking beyond the brand and into where the trees are sourced.



Rodrigo’s company, therefore, seeks to encourage and promote the environmental conservation conversation locally and internationally. While they too have embarked on the journey of establishing own private tree farms, they have currently concentrated most of their efforts towards acquiring already established private forests in setting the company’s ball rolling.


Kevin Seawright Career Accomplishments

Kevin Seawright is a great financial and administrative operations leader. He is much known due to his ability to command new business opportunities and strategic vision in business. In 2015, he worked in real property before joining the Newark Corporation. As such, he has utilized vision and talent to aid individuals and organizations realize their dreams and business objectives. For more than thirteen years, he has utilized his financial experiences to improve the east coast communities. Seawright has exceptional business insight, team inclusion, and outcome efficacy. See more of Kevin Seawright at Crunchbase

Recently Seawright is the chief finance officer and the president of Newark Economic Development Corporation. Throughout his career, he has articulated business policies that have constructed responsible accounting that is in line with technology and the organizational objectives. Further, Seawright has developed revenue planning corporate processes that have effectively operated across the globe for services.

Kevin Seawright has accomplished greatly in the corporate world. One of his greatest achievement in his career happens to be the designing of an accounting medium for Baltimore commission, a firm established for aging and superannuated individuals. Other career achievements include revenue developments that have aided estimating yearbook returns rise by about 25%. He has coagulated human capital divisions hence improving the capacity of human labor retention, developed recruitment efforts, compensation changes, and change management. Again, he has developed the collective bargaining methodologies. As such, standardization, customer service delivery has improved largely.

Again, his company performance has improved. Kevin Seawright prior accomplishments include the development of human resources and the capital operation management. He has served as budget manager, payroll director, finance director and the chief executive director operation officer. Throughout his career, he is guided by principles that have made him achieve greatly in the corporate world. Such principles include promoting effectiveness and reliability in the accounting sector, addressing situations with expertise and convert challenges into great opportunities and he aims at developing, managing and be a leader of productive and aggressive teams. His acumen expertise in banking and finance has indeed transformed and developed the world. He has been greatly featured by Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter social media platforms.

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Julia Jackson Shows That Hard Work Pays Off

Julia Jackson is a role model for many people in her generation. For one thing, she has been taught the value of hard work, and she believes in it. This is a huge refreshing change from people who believe they should gain twice the rewards for half of the work. Julia Jackson has shown that people who work hard are more likely to achieve something worthwhile than those who want to demand what they believe that they are worthy of. One thing that helps Julia Jackson is that she enjoys what she does and the company that she works for.

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Julia Jackson is joining her family in working for Jackson Family Wines. The company has brands throughout the world. Among the wineries that Jackson Family Wines has is Champ de Reves. One thing that can be said about the family is that they know a lot about how wine is made. For one thing, they have been involved in the process of making wine. Julia Jackson herself has worked on gathering the needed elements for wine in 100 degree weather. Julia Jackson has done this without complaint because she knew that it is hard work that is going to achieve something significant.

One of the best things about joining the family wine business is that Julia has always been interested in wine. Therefore, joining the family business is her way of getting involved in something that she loves. She is also going to love what she does which makes it more likely for her to put in a lot of hard work for her family business. She is going to add to the great reputation that her family business has as a winery. Jackson Family Wines is going to continue to experience growth in different markets and prosperity for years to come.

The OSI Group Offers Quality Food Items

Feeding people in today’s market is something that means being able to offer high quality food that people love to eat. Those at the OSI Group know the importance of making sure that all food they present to each of their customers is made from the freshest possible ingredients.

This is why they continue to work hard to make sure that all the food items they present for their clients adheres to the highest possible food standards. In doing so, those at OSI Group have seen the company grow and expand in the last few decades into new markets all over the world. As a result of their hard work and devotion to high quality at all times, the company has seen a tremendous amount of growth.

On The Forbes List

Given just how much time all those here have spent working hard to make sure they have the best possible products, it is no surprise to learn that they reached 58th on the list of the largest privately owned companies in the entire United States. As Forbes reports, company revenues have continued to expand into markets and expect to see further growth. Located in Aurora, Illinois, the company provides products of all kinds to the fast food industry. They help make sure that people today can have the quality items they want each time they buy food from one of the many retail outlets they help serve each day. Company officials know that the company’s revenues of over six billion dollars have firmly placed it on the list of America’s Top 100 Food companies.

Making A Career Here

Those who want to be part of an industry devoted to quality, can find many job openings at OSI Group. Positions here open up all the time, allowing potential applicants to submit a resume and find the kind of employment they know will be satisfying.

Work opportunities are available in many parts of the world including the United States as well as other parts of the world such as Asia and Europe. OSI Group is committed to diversity, meaning they look for applicants all over the world who bring many talents of all kinds to the workforce.

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