IC System: Its Core Business Values and History of Ethical Decisions That Keep Them On Top

It’s not already uncommon to learn about companies in the collections industry that have unethical business practices, decisions and other actions that both damage their clients and themselves. We hear of many agencies that deceive their clients’ assets and don’t honor their promises and deliverables. However, we also hear about companies that deliver quality service and a level of dedication to their clients that cannot be equaled. One of these leading companies today is IC System.


The History of Excellence


We can’t judge a company’s success by picking out just one successful business transaction. This is why we have to trace the history and client relationships of IC system for the past few years to know if the quality service it renders is not just a one-time thing or just a fluke. Fortunately, we can confirm from reliable sources like Release Fact that IC System has helped a lot of big-ticket clients since Ruth and Jack Erickson founded the company in 1938, with its headquarters just outside St. Paul, Minnesota.


There’s a lot of known and sometimes unknowable reasons that can make or break a company, but it’s fair to say that it could be the guiding principle of ethical service and honest delivery of products that make IC system stand out in its business transactions. The constant focus of the company to such guiding principle has also paid off concerning longevity. Right now, IC System has already gone through three generations of new family members of the Erickson clan, and the company has still not lost its touch in prioritizing such company values.


Business By The Books


The experts in business would say that if you risk operating yourself outside the government’s authority, you’re making your company more vulnerable to hidden risks that have the low probability of happening but its damage could cost the survival of the business. What makes IC System impressive in this regard is that it honors such value. The company survives because it is always focusing itself in updating its government licenses and bonds to operate in various states and territories in the United States. This way, every business transaction it’s part of is by the books.