Stream Energy Shows Texas Businesses How to Give Back With Stream Cares

Many in the Houston area are still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, a massive storm that resulted in some communities being submerged in nearly five feet of water. The severity of the storm called companies and charities from all over to pitch in and help those in dire need. Stream Energy provided relief funds from their offices in Dallas and even cut back on charging to lessen the financial burden on those affected by the storm.

While contributing to relief from Hurricane Harvey, it was merely a continuation of Stream Energy’s tradition of working with charities. They’ve partnered with Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross in the past, and now they’ve developed a separate office to act as the philanthropic wing of the company. Stream Cares will take over the event planning and charitable functions for the company while bolstering their image as a company invested in philanthropy.

Senior Event Manager Kimberly Girard released a statement detailing the culture within Stream Energy as one that has always encouraged charity and volunteering with its associates. Concerned with the welfare of Texas’s most vulnerable people, Stream Cares will actively cultivate partnerships with known charities while seeking out innovative ways to give back to the community.

Hope Supply Co. is one such organization. Together with Stream Cares, they will give homeless children the opportunity to spend the day at a local water park. During Splash for Hope, these children will get to spend a day of fun while receiving much needed supplies for their families and financial support.

And then there’s Operation: Once in a Lifetime, where Stream Energy gets to honor members of the military and their families by inviting them to luncheon in December. Veterans at this even will also have the change to receive some financial support.

Moving forward, Stream Cares intends to make itself stand out in the business community while helping Stream Energy become a leader on the issue of philanthropy. That’s an exceptionally difficult task when considering that Texas is among the least charitable in the nation. Despite that Girard believes Stream has an opportunity to show others that giving back to the community can help a company succeed.

How to Save Money on Energy Bills

We have all experienced it; you are suddenly hit with an energy bill that is much greater than anything you expected. You start thinking about what could have happened and solution that you can use to lower it.

Now you can rest easy. We have some of the answers you may need to lower your energy bill. Maybe the bill is so high because of house gadgets that come with hidden costs. You may not have realized it, but as long as a device is plugged in, it is still consuming power whether you use it or not. These devices may not use much power individually, but the bill can quickly add up with time.

For instance, by just unplugging your coffee maker, you can save about a dollar on energy every year. This is also true for other devices such as the computer screen, printer, and the gaming consoles in your home. If you cut power to the DVR when it is not in use, you could save as much as $36.80 annually. Visit the company profile on Facebook.

The entertainment system in your home can use up as much as $130 a year. That money looks great in your pocket instead of paying bills. All you need to avoid the phantom drain is some due diligence. To achieve this batch the electric devices in your home to power strips and shut them down when not in use. This can help you to save quite a lot of money.

You can also utilize energy monitoring tools to know how much you are spending on energy. They can give you a weekly energy report that is sent to your email. This will help you to manage how much you use every month on power. Follow Stream Energy on

About Stream Energy

Stream Energy is a supplier of wireless, protective, energy, and home services. The company was founded in 2004 as a retail electricity and natural gas company. Its headquarters are located in the Tollway Center building, Dallas.

Majority of the services offered by the company can be accessed throughout the US. However, its energy services are only offered in deregulated markets within the country.