Dr. Jorge Moll: The Researcher Understanding Altruistic Emotions In Humans

Dr. Jorge Moll has had an impressive career working as a neuroscientist and a researcher. He has pioneered several types of research that have paved the way for other work in the field. One of the first notable research projects that he undertook was in 2006 when he decided to research to study the functionality of the brain when a person is undergoing kind thoughts and when they are put into circumstances where they have to help others. During this research, Dr. Moll brought together a group of people and asked them a series of questions. During this time, he also took images of their brain as they answered questions to determine which part of the brain was being used when the person was asked a particular question or was made to think about a specific topic.


After this research, several others soon followed with regards to the same topic with regards to this particular field. One of the most recent studies that Dr. Moll conducted was something that was similar to this original study that he had come out with. In this study, Dr. Moll wanted to understand the reactions that go on in the brain when a person supports a particular sporting team. For this, he gathered a group of people and asked them a few questions with regards to the organizations that they support. These questions mainly revolved around what the person would do for their sporting team, and how they would improve them. The questions were asked in coordination with brain mapping, that was taking place simultaneously. Through this, Dr. Moll was able to gather vital information on the workings of the brain when a person is put in a position where they have to support a team that they associate with.


Dr. Moll has been instrumental in putting together several such types of research that have paved the way for future developments in the field of neuroscience. His contribution to the field has been incredibly prominent and is something that has earned him the brilliant reputation in the research field that he possesses today.