The Global Business Leader: OSI Industries

Since its development, OSI Industries has made a great commitment towards sustainable food processing and production. Such an effort has been built on the long history of the company’s efforts to embrace the rewards and the challenges of the entire cutting-edge tech. Being a great innovator in the entire food industry is never a new deal for OSI Industries.

OSI industries are now one of the most reputable and largest food productions across the globe. Its entire growth from the humble neighborhood butcher, a network of restaurants to a global food producer is among the most captivating career journeys of the company. Along the leadership of great minds like Sheldon Lavin, the company has had a spectacular growth.

As a tradition in the OSI Industries, new strategies and techniques are coming up every day and they are getting adopted in the company as it faces the world need for environmentally friendly and sustainable food production. The growth of the firm has made the leaders acquire the most prestigious and best sustainable awards which include the Global Visionary Award which was awarded to Sheldon Lavin.

OSI Industry Is the New Big Thing

Currently, OSI is, of course, one of the biggest companies in food production. The company now has more than 20,000 employees worldwide who work at different facilities in the 17 different countries. The company was ranked as the 58th the largest province firm by Forbes in 2016 marking a net worth of around $6.1 billion.

The company’s commitment to deliver sustainable and efficient turns on the technology changes and innovation, to its ventures is their sole goal. The adaptation of the firm to new ways of production and its adherence to technology changes is a significant factor that has made the firm a global figure. The company kicked off with the name Otto & Sons in the 1950s.

The Otto & Sons Company grew from a butchery supply to being a regional supplier to the various McDonalds chain restaurant which was all over the Midwest. However, in the 1960s, the firm grew into an incredibly amazing organization and changed to OSI Industries.

The technology breakthrough in the freezing food industry brought new opportunities to the company enhancing food storage, production and as well as transportation. The company was among the earliest adopter of that new technology marking a great transition in its entire production and processing chain.

The willingness of the company to take risk has made the company venture in some of the most complex markets across the world. For instance, The Company has established two culinary innovation centers in China and the other one in the USA.