Justin Brown Has Used His Talent And Creativity To Make The Brown Agency Soar

Justin Brown achieved his college education by working at a modeling agency. The clothing he modeled was designed by Lucky Brand to suit his physique and he often wore skinny jeans and rocker jeans. He earned $100 an hour while pursuing business management. His main interest was behind the camera and he eventually ended up in development and placement. He found work for numerous individuals and helped them succeed. Now he works for the Brown Agency in Austin and handles the careers of 450 individuals.



Justin Brown is a native to Reno, Nevada although he grew up in Susanville, California. As a child, he was considered shy and he always adhered to the rules. Once he was 18 he circulated among various agencies while learning the inside track in his business. He helped ensure the photos had the right look and were seen by the world’s biggest agencies. His talent percentage was high and accounted for approximately twenty to thirty percent of the industry. Considering Justin Brown was 21 during this period his achievements were beyond admirable. He joked about being dumb and young and believing he was capable of anything.


Justin Brown relocated to Austin, Texas in 2005 to pursue his dream in the city he adored. He felt a connection with the city and believed this was where he was meant to make his mark. He immediately created a business for himself and began managing his client’s expectations while keeping his promises. The experience he had already gained allowed him to take his talent right to the big agencies. In 2008, he started JB Models and Talent which had been licensed in 2010 by the Wilhelmina national agency. This gave him the resources he needed for the boom in commercials, print, and fashion runway shows.


Justin Brown followed his own path in his efforts to achieve a big-market level and he made the right decisions. The percentage he charged his clients was fair and he understood what Austin was looking for in comparison to Houston and Dallas. He realized Austin wanted a vibe that was cool and more alternative. They approved of funky hair, tattoos, and piercings and he gave them what they wanted. Although he acquired talent in Dallas he knew their vibe was much more conservative and his ability to place his talent is accurate and precise. Justin Brown is excited to be in Austin where his creativity and passion led him. His latest acquisition in business has him looking towards a bright future and he strongly believes Austin is taking off. He has seen numerous national campaigns conducted from Austin and believes the Brown Agency is heading in the right direction. He tells people he simply hired locally while keeping his eyes on the national scene. Visit the website, blog.brownagency.co.