A Review Of Cone Marshall And Achievements In Past One Decade

Cone Marshall, for over 10 years, has remained the perfect choice for people looking to get solutions to estate and tax problems. As the first law firm in New Zealand to dedicate its service to tax and estate litigation, Cone Marshall has developed and entered the international law scene due to the uniqueness the firm has brought into the industry.


One of the factors that have motivated more people to seek the support of Cone Marshall is the presence of a seamless system that allows easy fast delivery of solutions. This service has been especially useful among those looking to for quick solutions to complex problems and is part of the reasons clients from other markets are consulting with Cone Marshall.


Run well and managed by professionals who understand the need to maintain integrity and fair practices, Cone Marshall has not entered into a single scandal involving conduct or competence. The firm has embraced the rules that help clients to receive support without necessarily having to go through difficult procedures.


Through modern technology and better systems, Cone Marshall has served clients in diverse industries who are in dilemmas about their tax, trust and estate problems. The solutions offered are quick and directed at helping clients to enjoy the services to succeed at their endeavors.


The ordering process has been re-designed to allow clients based overseas to have easy time sending their information. Cone Marshall uses a well-secured network for storing files and sharing information and this has helped the firm to process cases within a short period. Clients can also tap in to add any necessary files to the system while tracking the progress of their case.


About the leaders

It is through focused and talented leadership that Cone Marshall has moved from a basic entity to an international law firm offering services to clients in virtually all specialties. The leaders of the firm led by Karen Marshall have contributed largely to the development of a seamless system of litigation. Karen Marshall is a lawyer who holds more than 20 years experience in the industry and she has worked on commercial litigation since she began her career.


Since she joined Cone Marshall 10 years ago, she has brought great ideas that have pushed the firm to rank among the most developed globally. She seeks support from Geoffrey Cone, who has remained in the firm since it was established in 1999.