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Investors are worried. The world is awash with war, terrorism, global unrest and now the threat of nuclear war. The main concern for investors is how to preserve wealth going forward. We have a worldwide explosion of debt. World debt is now almost twice world GDP. The insanity of it all is that now European governments are issuing 50 year bonds. Ireland even plans to issue a 100- year bond. Europe, Japan and the US are desperately trying to inflate their economies to stimulate growth.


Any sane investor does not want to get caught in this debt trap. Paper money will soon collapse. There simply is not enough paper money to service the world debt. That scenario will create havoc worldwide.


With this vision of the future investors are turning to precious metals. Governments, particularly China are stockpiling gold.


There are no central exchanges except for the futures markets. Therefore, an investor must seek out a reputable firm that deals in precious metals. The US Money Reserve has a solid reputation for helping investors select the best coins or bullion for their portfolios. They have over 300,000 clients. President, Philip N. Diehl was the 35th Director of the US Mint. The company has a staff of highly qualified experts to guide the investor.


The US Money Reserve website has a wealth of information. There is a page that covers the history of gold. Another section has live prices and charts. The Gallery page has beautiful images of the gold and silver coins that US Money Reserve offers.


One of the best reasons for buying or selling precious metals from US Money Reserve is their Guaranteed Refund Policy. If, within 30 days you are not satisfied you can return any certified coins for a refund. The price you will receive will be the current market price less 20% for storage.

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