Perry Mandera lives his life as a conduit of goodness. Through the years, he has learned to make progress in business and to use his strengths as a vehicle to uplift others. He has made great strides in public service and continually looks forward to helping those in dire straits.


After graduating high school in 1975, Perry Mandera joined the Marine Corps Reserves and successfully fulfilled the role of truck driver, receiving an honorable discharge after several years of service. From 1984 to 1988, he served in politics in the 26th Ward of The Windy City. At the time, he held the distinction as the youngest person ever to be elected for the position. After his military service, he worked for various transportation companies, learning new skills at every pass. He started several innovative companies of his own through the years and today still serves as CEO of The Custom Companies, Inc., which he founded in 1986. The establishment is a comprehensive transport provider covering such services as domestic and international air freight, logistics products and services, and less than truckload (LTL) domestic delivery. His excellence shows throughout his life, and that’s no different regarding his entrepreneurial enterprise. In 2000, ITA, Illinois Transportation Association, named Perry Mandera among the “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium.” Housed out of Northlake, Illinois, The Custom Companies, Inc. is listed as a Fortune 100 Company with annual sales exceeding $200 Million.


Yet, while all of this is wunderbar, his military service and his business acumen, what has really made Perry Mandera stand out from the negotiator crowd is his penchant toward alleviating life’s unexpected stressors for his fellow neighbor. Let’s be clear, neighbor here is defined as anyone within reach of his ideations of how to help using any and all of his resources to do so. He’s helped in the fight against cancer. He’s provided over 6,500 winter coats to Illinois’ destitute. He’s provided monetary relief and relocation transport to victims of Hurricane Katrina. He’s helped those displaced by the 2013 tornado that tore through and decimated Washington, Illinois. He gives of his services and funds to those adversely affected by California wildfires. He founded Custom Cares Charities which he also uses to help others. Through this his charitable foundation, Perry Mandera coaches and financially supports over 100 Illinois youth sports teams! Through his foundation, he also provides holiday food and supplies for local families, generously gives aid to his brotherhood of veterans, and so much more.


The lifestyle of Perry Mandera is what our forefathers had in mind when they drafted our Constitution. He’s a loving soul, a family man who honors his country, and treats others as he would like to be treated.

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