You may have heard of the landmark supreme court case called Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission. It took place in 2010. It overruled an inferior court’s ruling that banned the showing of a film that attacked Hilary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic primary election.

This landmark decision unleashed an outpouring of corporate money that can be used to win elections, buy politicians and essentially buy laws in place. The main component of the Citizens United vs. FEC ruling was that the people behind the Citizens United film were anonymous. Financiers and makers of the film were never revealed.

The original Citizens United ruling made this illegal. It prevented people and corporations from hiding behind a cloak of anonymity. People and corporations who funded the Hilary Clinton documentary had to reveal themselves. The original decision also identified the film attacking Clinton as a political ad. It was meant to damage her and prevent her from running as the Democratic Presidential candidate.


The overturning of Citizens United by a narrow margin has let billionaires and corporations pour unlimited amounts of money into ads. It has also led them to get away without identifying themselves. This is where the political action committee known as End Citizens United comes into being. It was started in 2015. The goal of the PAC is to help overturn this decision.

Why would a group want to overturn Citizens United you may ask? End Citizens United believes that the current ruling results in opaqueness or lack of transparency during political campaigns. We should know who is doing what and what their motives are. The present ruling creates a mask for corporations and wealthy individuals.

End Citizens United also believes that corporate and billionaire influence should be limited in politics. The supreme court ruling opens the gates for corporate and billionaire influence in American politics. By overturning Citizens United, End Citizens United believes that politicians will no longer be as easily bought or influenced by corporations and wealthy people. They will instead be more focused on their constituents.

Overturning Citizens United is a massive effort. This is why End Citizens United is so focused on garnering grassroots support. They are also trying to raise millions of dollars to help support political candidates that support their view of this crucial court case. The primary way that the group is hoping to end the Supreme Court ruling is by electing enough congressmen and senators that support overturning this decision.

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