Some businessmen and businesswomen make their ends meet and don’t extend their road to success with others. It’s the complete opposite with Vijay Eswaran. For years, Eswaran has encouraged others to take the right steps to becoming successful themselves through motivational speaking. One of the key things he advocates would be the stages of change.

Eswaran believes that the starting point to making significant changes lies from within. He feels that once someone begins to truly believe he or she is making a turnaround, others around that person begin feeling a shift in vibrations. One way to do this is to overcome old habits that just bring you down.

Eswaran also is a strong believer that even a bad change is better than remaining stationary. If people run business and numbers have remained the same for months, making a bad change may not be the worse thing in the world as long as it isn’t an egregious decision.

The reason why a bad change could be better than no change at all, is that at least you made the effort to adapt. In a few short years, your number may decline at a rapid rate. At that point, making a change may be too late to save a business.

To make things easier for those who wish to turn their misfortunes around, Eswaran created the book titled Two Minutes from the Abyss. Often times, we get caught up in limitations such as time. After all, we will all pass away at some point. The book attempts to drive home the point that successful people don’t shackle themselves despite having an abundance of resources available to us. This is why keeping a sense of urgency is crucial. This will allow you to get things done without even thinking about the things that can weigh you down.

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